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Software Engineer for a consulting company, where I have used Java EE, Reliable Transaction Engine (C-based language), Unix, and EDIFACT (XML, IDOC, Inhouse). Hobbyist PHP programmer in both procedural and OOP approaches. I also love to study new languages, and I'm currently studying Python over at Codecademy. I've also dabbled a bit with WINAPI and TDD, and I'm currently reading Code Clean, and have finished The Pragmatic Programmer.

I'm also a musician, where I get to practice my hardware skills more, hehe. Doing that actively since the year 2000 makes me quite qualified indeed! My education is Bachelor of Engineering in IT, which consisted of embedded systems (Atmel AVR, Texas Instruments, RTOS, and Software Design). During the studies, we were mainly taught C, but we also got our hands dirty with Visual C++, PHP and databases.

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