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I was an actor for many years and then directed puppet theatre for children and from that came the necessity to build promotion online. As my brother is a lecturer in communications he urged me to learn how to do it myself. I bought my first computer late in life aged 34 and have never stopped working on something. Usually it was graphics, static web sites, video, flash animation,vector designs, anything which took my fancy. Nowadays it is drupal and command line.

Always thrown myself into the heart of things and from that seem to get better each time at catching on to whatever goals I set myself, usually under pressure.

The flash site I built in 2000 is no longer online because although it contains all my years of work it is not viewable by many mobile users so I took it down in favour of learning drupal. I've never been paid for anything because I do it to help friends or my own creative endeavours. Now I'm creating an interactive site for local community.

Maths is something I've always been terrible at, as well as understanding technical computer components but I surprise myself with what I can achieve and realise I have my own logical ability to work things out which never ceases to amaze me!