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I am the last guy who is not afraid to say the truth in these forums. I´ll ask politicaly incorrect questions even if they take away my beloved experience points, or health points or magic points, or whatever the points they give you happen to be, i´ll answer unpopular answers if they are true, for i am not here to entertain you but to be the voice of reason in a world of increasing violence and censorship.

If you are like me, unite in this epic quest for truth and rate me up.

United we stand.

I am a constructive troll, meaning that while the tone used in my posts sounds unprofessional, childish, trollish, even ridicule the watchful eye will find deep, delightful and thoughtful truths about tech and society in every line that usually go over most of people´s headses.

Most of time, my typos and constant misuse of grammar and word things is intentional, sometimes is not. Sometimes is plain ignorance, or plaignorance as i like to call it. Most of my material is not fresh or original, but plain plagiarism, plaingiarism as i like to call it, from the good episodes of the simpsons or stuff like that.

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