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I'm a late starter to coding, at time of writing I'm 36 and started coding in VB at 33-in fits and starts, in between my main duties, in 2010. So I don't have any formal background in it. My day job was purely content research and entry, I decided programming would make it faster.

I'm very keen on finding a good junior dev role with an experienced team. My ideal company would be a small startup or a very non corporate environment where the emphasis is on results and making things happen. I've a conceptual grasp of many programming concepts, however my practical project experience is currently limited and definitely at a junior level.

Current skills include VB, C#, F# plus SQL and R; in each language I'm keen on using them idiomatically-Sets for SQL, vectors for R, functional first in F#, OOP in VB/C#. In addition, I've used T4 templating, plenty of LINQ, entity framework, WPF in addition to Winforms, F# type providers and written a generic dynamic rules engine that generates a list of lambda predicates using expression trees in VB.

I'm interested in meta programming, machine learning and a data analysis - these more than front end design.

Other projects include a simply flowdocument printer with header, pagination, scaling and variable margin/border thickness.

My aim is end up at roughly the consultant architect level - it's just an idea really, to be able to jump into a project, grok the business model/domain lingo/understand what is to be solved then work on what tools actually make solving them the most straightforward. So whilst I really enjoy working with technology, I'm just as intent on taking large leaves out of the book of Domain Driven Design and actually sitting with clients to understand just how their work flows and how it could be made to flow.

I don't think people should have to just adapt to software. I don't think software can be quickly made to adapt to people either but I do think there is a solid balance to be struck and it should be biased towards the people NOT the implementation.

I'd like to get into specialist arenas with code, especially medical or scientific stuff despite lacking bits of paper. So on the side I'm studying maths and neurosciences, in the hope I can get onto a decent course or three in time to come.

I'm very interested in getting into a challenge that is both intriguing but beyond me so that I'm forced to work out how to express solutions in code thoroughly. To this end I'm currently working on implementing, from scratch, a form of gene expression programming in F#; normally one would use a ready made library however it's a personal learning project that will require most of F# syntax! such as computation expressions, quotations, async and parallel programming and more to complete. At this point I've a basic string to gene symbol parser written.

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