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Top new questions this week:

Why do equal opportunity employers ask about my gender and race when applying?

I am currently applying for jobs in Canada, and most of the large companies I apply to make it clear during the application process that they are equal opportunity employers. Here's an example of one ...

job-search recruitment canada diversity equality  
asked by Alexandre Aubrey 51 votes
answered by Azor Ahai -him- 66 votes

Accidentally saw a private photo of my boss on the workplace file storage

Today at work, I stumbled upon a collection of private photos taken by my two bosses (they are a married couple, and own the business). The photos in question are of a lewd nature of one of them. It ...

ethics privacy  
asked by BurnerPhotography 46 votes
answered by ColleenV 108 votes

I am the only employee without permission to work from home

I am working in a small business in an apprentice position, being the only one who was left without a home office. Other team members do home office time pretty much the whole time, while I am ...

software-industry germany  
asked by inchw0rm 42 votes
answered by Philipp 35 votes

Being assigned bad/unwanted tasks if I finish my sprint early

I am a software engineer in a startup, and we work in two-week sprints. We sprint plan every two weeks and we get assigned tasks, and sometimes I will finish all my work before the next sprint. The ...

software-industry colleagues agile  
asked by Tfish 40 votes
answered by motosubatsu 110 votes

Is it okay if I tell my boss that I cannot read cursive?

I am working as a part-time grader. Some students hand in their assignments handwritten. Here is the problem. As an ESL speaker, I was never exposed to cursive handwriting. Not only I can't write in ...

communication skills  
asked by Mhy 39 votes
answered by neubert 62 votes

how to handle a poorly performing employee who's potentially suicidal

I have a subordinate who has in the past expressed suicidal thoughts. His performance over the past 6-8 months has been unacceptable. He has numerous documented coaching's and performance improvement ...

management performance mental-health  
asked by neubert 12 votes
answered by Old_Lamplighter 19 votes

Is not being noticeable the best strategy in corporate settings?

Is there a way to excel at what I'm doing without provoking resistance and criticism? I've normally been employed to introduce changes, which has been communicated to me explicitly. I've been employed ...

asked by user216856 9 votes
answered by Old_Lamplighter 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it normal to take lots of breaks in a programming job?

I currently have an internship and I've been assigned to a single project and that project alone. While I'm usually several weeks ahead of schedule and put a lot of thought and detail into my work, I ...

internship productivity efficiency  
asked by Migz 311 votes

How to respond to "Why do you deserve a promotion"?

Our company has a new IT manager and it is suddenly the time for promotions. He is still new to the company and he doesn't have much knowledge about the employees. My project manager spoke about my ...

management career-development negotiation work-experience promotion  
asked by Long 46 votes
answered by FrustratedWithFormsDesigner 50 votes

How do you send a job acceptance email?

I'm curious about the protocol here. If you are offered a job and supposed to reply by email. When I looked online, I see stuff that looks like formal snail-mail letters, i.e like this: Your First ...

email job-acceptance  
asked by Caffeinated 5 votes
answered by mhoran_psprep 11 votes

I got fired on my last day; is that possible?

On my last day of work, I didn't feel comfortable going due to men making multiple sexual comments. The day before, I had a lot on my mind, and I was too scared to go. On the morning of my last day, I ...

united-states resignation work-experience unprofessional-behavior termination  
asked by max 54 votes
answered by Tymoteusz Paul 163 votes

Is it rude to leave an interview early if you have already made your decision?

A friend of mine went on an interview recently for a software developer position at a well known company. It was a senior position, and he had very relevant business experience in the industry. I ...

interviewing professionalism hiring-process company-culture  
asked by maple_shaft 495 votes
answered by Karl Bielefeldt 531 votes

Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job?

I currently work on a legacy system for a company. The system is really old - and although I was hired as a programmer, my job is pretty much glorified data entry. To summarise, I get a bunch of ...

asked by Etherable 921 votes
answered by Joe Strazzere 383 votes

How to put education on your resume that you have not yet completed?

Currently on my resume for education I have the following: University I went to Graduation date: Month, year Bachelor of Science in Subject I studied GPA: 4.0 ...

resume education  
asked by user3246152 4 votes
answered by Conor 12 votes
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