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Top new questions this week:

Is it a red flag if a job posting says they don't negotiate offers?

I've recently applied to a company and got invited for an interview at a future date, but surprisingly my first response from them includes the words, "we do not negotiate our offers". The ...

job-search salary new-job  
asked by Big Sam Score of 58
answered by ZOMVID-21 Score of 152

My boss says he's jealous when I tell him about a work achievement

On several occasions, where I've made a breakthrough in my (highly intellectual, but non-academic) work, I feel accomplished and very proud of my achievement. But, when I go and tell my boss about ...

communication manager australia  
asked by Pioneer83 Score of 35
answered by Adam Burke Score of 66

Should I be honest about a counteroffer to my prospective new employer?

I interviewed for a more senior position than one I am in now. They seemed to really like me and gave me ‘an offer I can’t refuse’ basically. The pay/perks are more than I asked for. My current ...

communication job-offer new-job counter-offer  
asked by Usernamed Score of 5
answered by Sourav Ghosh Score of 19

Company to contact future employers, if any, without my knowledge

On an employment contract i'm offered, there's a clause saying that The-Company can contact any one of my future employers in regard of my obligations - "The-Company may inform prospective ...

job-offer employment-agreement  
asked by terra Score of 5
answered by Stephan Branczyk Score of 2

I was hired to create a department but I do not get more people

I have been working in my current company for over a year, I am the only one doing activity X and the only expert at it. I was told I would lead a department regarding activity X after a year or so ...

software-industry career-development manager software-development conflict-resolution  
asked by Esteb Score of 5
answered by Stephan Branczyk Score of 2

New manager doesn't believe in me and reprimanded me for asking questions

I'm a junior developer. In my first week back after time off due to some issues, my new manager reprimanded me because a senior dev team member complained to him that I was asking him questions about ...

manager software-development team junior new-manager  
asked by Duzii2 Score of 4
answered by Sourav Ghosh Score of 9

Company doesn't appear to be active in government registry

I'm offered a permanent position in a company. When I look the company up, the company appears as "Inactive - Discontinued " since a few months before. This is in the federal registry. Name ...

job-offer employment-agreement  
asked by ash__999 Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What should I do when coworkers are assigned to projects they are not competent to carry out?

Over the last year or so, our team has lost many computer programmers, and we have been unable to fill these positions. In other words, we are severely understaffed1. Due to this severe understaffing,...

management colleagues human-resources  
asked by kjo Score of 39
answered by sf02 Score of 81

Taking time off to deal with a family emergency

A close relative is in really bad condition. I can't show up to work for the next few days. I am planning on emailing my supervisor right now and informing him that I cannot be at work next week. ...

asked by user17183 Score of 10
answered by Preet Sangha Score of 13

How to gently enforce "nohello" to a coworker?

I am a huge proponent of nohello in the workplace - I get way too many Slack messages and other interrupts to waste time on pleasantries. I keep my Slack status set to "" as a way ...

communication work-environment colleagues distractions  
asked by thatgirldm Score of 203
answered by Kevin Score of 172

How Should I Indicate Language Proficiency on my Resume?

Question: What are some good ways of listing language proficiency on a resume? Problem: Language is such a complex thing to explain simply. There are several aspects of most languages (reading, ...

resume skills  
asked by jmac Score of 102
answered by jcmeloni Score of 115

What is appropriate email follow-up etiquette after no response?

Sometimes I send emails and need a response. While not quite as bad as not being able to find denvercoder9, it sometimes happens I get no response. This presents a problem if the request is something ...

communication email  
asked by enderland Score of 61
answered by bethlakshmi Score of 62

What does M/F/D/V mean on a job application?

While filling out a job application in the US, I noticed a label designating M/F/D/V. Is this important? What does this label mean?

united-states applications terminology  
asked by Stevoisiak Score of 69
answered by Kevin Score of 11

Is it okay to reply "Will do. Thanks."?

I recently accepted an offer to work at another location. There is a person in contact with me and they sent me a first week preparation email. I replied that I got the email and would read it over ...

professionalism communication  
asked by Dan Score of 9
answered by Joe Strazzere Score of 49
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