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Top new questions this week:

A major investor asked me (the software lead) whether the board should fire my boss (the Co-Founder and CTO). What should I do?

I am the software lead of a startup which while not struggling, is repeatedly missing goals and commitments to clients. Much of this can be attributed to our CTO. Some background on her. She is one ...

professionalism termination startup  
asked by FireMyBoss 89 votes
answered by Sourav Ghosh 113 votes

Raised concerns about a security vulnerability to various managers, for more than a year, with no results. Should I mention it to external auditors?

Our team - I work in financial and operational reporting as one of a team of 3 -- I'm not an accountant or in the finance function as such, it's more like Management Information (or Business ...

security whistle-blowing  
asked by user111727 71 votes
answered by O. Jones 77 votes

Responding to social invitations with autism

So I have been told that there will be a Christmas Party happening at my work. I have autism I really do not like this sort of thing. This is my first ever job and I am really enjoying it. I have ...

first-job socializing events autism-spectrum  
asked by Georgia 65 votes
answered by Richard Says Reinstate Monica 108 votes

What should I tell a customer when my co-worker fails to show up to a meeting?

I'll typically have meetings with customers in which they set it up and invite me and other co-workers. Sometimes I will show up to this meeting and my co-worker(s) won't because they forgot, became ...

communication colleagues meetings customer-service  
asked by David 64 votes
answered by sf02 86 votes

How to deal with severe mental fatigue without taking time off?

I work as a remote software developer. I work on a casual basis from home, and I'm free to work as much or as little for my boss as I like, while billing my boss on a weekly basis for the worked time ...

productivity time-management burnout  
asked by ig-dev 55 votes
answered by Dukeling 2 votes

In an interview, is it self-defeating to say you use Stack Overflow to find errors in code?

Let's suppose that at a job interview they ask me "what you do if your code does not work?". I tell them that I read the docs to look for the error, I isolate the piece of code that doesn't work and ...

interviewing recruitment  
asked by Tms91 55 votes
answered by Julia Hayward 166 votes

How do I respectfully address new company initiative I disagree with?

I have been working at my company for about two years now. We are very diverse in all departments and have been very welcoming to all - several of my coworkers who are female / minority / etc. have ...

united-states human-resources discrimination sexism  
asked by Sigma - stop harming Monica 39 votes
answered by Sourav Ghosh 48 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Criticized for doing my job too well

Our company has had a big problem with people not taking our mandatory online training seriously. Even though the higher-ups try to stress how important it is, people will usually flip through a ...

manager productivity training  
asked by wfh_king 526 votes
answered by Richard Says Reinstate Monica 719 votes

How to reply in a professional manner to emails that I am the wrong recipient for?

My current issue: I receive an email asking for my help to solve a system issue, but I'm not the one responsible for it and I don't even know who the right contact would be. Question: How to reply ...

asked by cindy 10 votes
answered by thursdaysgeek 10 votes

Offensive language/behavior from co-worker in online game

I am a fresh-out-of-college student and a huge gamer. I recently got a job towards the end of this summer and met my team, which consists of a number of people who are in their late 50s. As I am a ...

asked by Pillip F 75 votes
answered by nvoigt 836 votes

Fired for third time from a software development job. What to do?

Today I was fired from a software company.. for the 3rd time in 1.5 years. Needless to say I feel like I reached bottom and it's impossible to get out without changing career. Should I change a ...

software-industry united-kingdom termination careers career-switch  
asked by Johannesberg 180 votes
answered by Arthur Havlicek 253 votes

Why is working on the same position for more than 15 years not a red flag?

I'm about to interview someone who applied for the same position that I have: Senior Software Engineer. The candidate is 13 years older than me and has worked in the same position for more than 15 ...

interviewing recruitment seniority  
asked by AnonOP 108 votes
answered by DigitalBlade969 653 votes

I prepared my CV in LaTeX and exported it to PDF. How to deal with a recruiter who insists on CV in Word format?

FOREWORD I prefer to create documents in formats such as LaTeX, Markdown or RMarkdown. They're platform and version (of the particular editor) independent. You can export them to good looking PDF ...

resume job-search recruitment  
asked by matandked 186 votes
answered by SpoonMeiser 205 votes

How does one title a resignation email?

I am in a situation where I need to tell my current employer that I am leaving. This will be the first my manager hears of it; for reasons I don't want to discuss here, we have not had a meeting about ...

job-change resignation email quitting  
asked by Ash 50 votes
answered by Telastyn 151 votes

Can you answer this question?

Adderall on Hair Drug Test (Dosage)?

I am prescribed 10mg Adderall 2x a day, I take mostly on weekdays to help me with my job, sometimes i may take an extra one but i do not take on weekends/holiday/time off. I just got a new dream job ...

asked by Bidu_USA 1 vote
answered by mhoran_psprep 0 votes
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