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Top new questions this week:

Company does not understand what the “bus factor” is and continues to give me more and more responsibilities

At the company I am working for, I believe is beginning to give me more and more responsibility. Trying to get me to be responsible for more and more pieces of the application and infrastructure we ...

software-industry startup mentoring  
asked by Ertai87 119 votes
answered by dbeer 108 votes

What not to say regarding my motivation for finding a new job?

I've had a few job interviews recently and I seriously wonder what exactly should I say when they ask me about my motivation for looking for a new job. I completely avoided talking about money except ...

interviewing communication negotiation  
asked by Simon 58 votes
answered by virolino 77 votes

Is it unwise to tell job interviewer that I won't be attending the company's regular social events?

I am currently looking for a job as a working student and I got a few invitations for interviews already. Now I am thinking about stuff that would be important for me to feel comfortable at work as I ...

interviewing colleagues company events  
asked by csstudent1418 53 votes
answered by Sourav Ghosh 144 votes

Does referring a poor candidate look bad on me?

(I hope this is safely assumed but just in case, poor does not mean financially; in this context, poor = lacking in some characteristics; below in standards) Two years ago, upon graduating from ...

applications references appearance  
asked by Jedo 46 votes
answered by jcmack 98 votes

How do I tell a recruiter that I'm not interested after an interview?

I had an interview with an organisation today and by the end I realised that this is not for me. So, in the beginning one of the two interviewers was making a wrong statement over and over again. So, ...

interviewing job-offer career-development hiring-process  
asked by Skb 30 votes
answered by virolino 73 votes

Should I resign before seeing and agreeing to new contract with shares?

Long story short, based in the U.K I worked for a small company. The company got bought out but a much larger company which I have been with for nearly 2 years now. My previous boss has left and ...

job-offer resignation united-kingdom software-development  
asked by Mark 29 votes
answered by Sourav Ghosh 99 votes

As a manager, how can I deal with employees challenging me?

I manage a software team and have normal, reasonable expectations. Recently I've been having a problem with the younger new hires. I require everyone to be in by 9am, and whenever I ask one of them ...

asked by HondaDelSol 26 votes
answered by dwizum 96 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to mention weakness in the self assessment section of an employment form

I have been trying to write this section of "Developmental Areas" in a employment form given by my organization. This is the place where I need to cite a few of my weaknesses. I actually want to ...

career-development human-resources  
asked by techie 7 votes
answered by IDrinkandIKnowThings 10 votes

Company asks (more than once) if I can involve family members in project

My company has (repeatedly) requested that I ask my family members to trial their service. I would rather keep family and work separate, and so I told them my family wasn't interested. However, I ...

professionalism united-kingdom family  
asked by EuRBamarth 54 votes
answered by Charmander 94 votes

How does one title a resignation email?

I am in a situation where I need to tell my current employer that I am leaving. This will be the first my manager hears of it; for reasons I don't want to discuss here, we have not had a meeting about ...

job-change resignation email quitting  
asked by Ash 50 votes
answered by Telastyn 151 votes

As an interviewer, how to conduct interviews with candidates you already know will be rejected?

I’m a senior technical team leader at my company. Because of my role and experience, I regularly have to conduct interviews with candidates. I’m facing more and more frequently this situation: I ...

interviewing professionalism  
asked by Alex Q 89 votes
answered by StephenG 23 votes

What should a professional email address look like?

I've been starting a resume recently, and I'm struggling with picking an email. What should a professional email address look like? Will employers look down on me if I have numbers at the end of my ...

asked by yuritsuki 48 votes
answered by bethlakshmi 67 votes

Job offer without any details but asking me to withdraw other applications - is it normal?

I have recently applied for a job through a recruitment agency, and had my interview last Thursday. On Friday the agent called me and said that the company is keen on giving me an offer. He said he ...

job-offer new-job united-kingdom  
asked by user12205 168 votes
answered by Joe Strazzere 383 votes

I've killed my colleagues' characters during RPG session, now they won't talk to me

Introduction I am a software developer and I've been with my current company for about 4 months now. Initially I've generally stuck to myself but after a while (a month?) of getting to know everybody ...

colleagues after-hours  
asked by Anon 240 votes
answered by Lilienthal 409 votes

Can you answer this question?

Background check and contractor in a company

I am currently doing a background check as part of my onboarding process with a large investment bank in the UK. On my resume I put just the name of company A but I was an external employee. I was a ...

job-offer background-check contractors  
asked by redandwhite64 1 vote
answered by DarkCygnus 0 votes
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