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Top new questions this week:

What is the appropriate behavior when management decisions lead to tasks no longer being done?

Management decided to let go of certain employees. I've been here a long time, and have a good overview of what everybody did, so I have now noticed that many tasks are simply not being done. For ...

management layoff complaint  
user avatar asked by Jaood Score of 8
user avatar answered by thursdaysgeek Score of 18

Can one be demoted and have one's pay cut for not taking a promotion?

I have a position that I am happy with and I excel at. All my evaluations are excellent. I have been with the company for 13 years. Recently they have asked me to take a promotion to management. I ...

management salary united-states promotion texas  
user avatar asked by Duane Score of 5
user avatar answered by DogBoy37 Score of 8

am I leading a project in the right way?

My current team is going to adopt the Agile methodology, but no-one has experience with it except me, and there is also some lack of technical skills. As a result, in each meeting I tend to talk a lot,...

software-development leadership agile  
user avatar asked by Pampa Nello Score of 4
user avatar answered by Pete B. Score of 3

How do I send a message to team about integrity in taking sick leave

We all get monthly 1 sick leave. There is no medical certificate required if you are taking 1 day off. One of the concern I have is with my team (reporting to me), that some people might be abusing ...

ethics leave sick  
user avatar asked by PagMax Score of 2
user avatar answered by Daniel K Score of 19

My access denied to Rolls Royce Submarine (as a supply chain player) by MOD because I was born in Iraq! Can I challenge them?

I had applied for a job at RR Submarine Nuclear through a recruitment agency, I had an interview by RR manager and was offered the job. I did my DBS and result in 2 days was a pass. I submitted my SC ...

united-kingdom government security-clearance  
user avatar asked by user146397 Score of 1
user avatar answered by Philip Kendall Score of 14

Should I admit that I didn't meet a deadline due to stress from personal issues?

Last month I had a very difficult time (had to decide how our family property will be split between me and my brother and sister), and although it may sound weird, it was so stressful for me that I ...

performance deadlines academia slack  
user avatar asked by Anonymous Score of 1
user avatar answered by DogBoy37 Score of 10

What constitutes the start of a 15 minute break in the province of British Columbia, Canada?

I would like to know if there is an official definition as to when or what constitutes the start of a 15 minute break in the province of British Columbia, Canada? If no official definition of when a ...

canada break-time food  
user avatar asked by Ken Graham Score of 1
user avatar answered by Gregory Currie Score of 12

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to tell sender they forgot the attachment without embarrassing them?

So I got an email from someone reading "blah blah, X is attached". However the email has no attachments. Obviously they just forgot to attach X before hitting the send button. How should I hint ...

communication email  
user avatar asked by ErlVolton Score of 46
user avatar answered by enderland Score of 134

Am I being unreasonable in not wanting meetings to be recorded?

There are some colleagues of mine who really love the idea of meetings being recorded, especially if they are out on vacation. I, on the other hand, feel incredibly uncomfortable in a recorded meeting;...

professionalism communication meetings privacy  
user avatar asked by throwaway1231249242 Score of 48
user avatar answered by GuilleOjeda Score of 42

Why do interviewers ask if I'm interviewing with other companies?

This seems to be a common question that is asked as a normal part of an interview. Can anyone speak to what the interviewer is really looking for when they ask this question? And is it best to ...

user avatar asked by aroth Score of 61
user avatar answered by Nobody Score of 53

How do I deal with the "30 minutes remaining" problem?

As a developer, I often get to this point where at the end of the day I finish a big task and still have approximately 30 minutes to go. The problem is that 30 minutes are not enough time for me to ...

user avatar asked by sh5164 Score of 351
user avatar answered by skymningen Score of 489

I've killed my colleagues' characters during RPG session, now they won't talk to me

Introduction I am a software developer and I've been with my current company for about 4 months now. Initially I've generally stuck to myself but after a while (a month?) of getting to know everybody ...

colleagues after-hours  
user avatar asked by Anon Score of 247
user avatar answered by Lilienthal Score of 418

How to politely inquire about your job application status?

I've applied to a software development company for a programming position. I'm communicating directly with an employee, specifically a project manager, not a recruiter. I made it through a phone ...

user avatar asked by Ryan Score of 17
user avatar answered by Brian Warshaw Score of 19

How to gently enforce "nohello" to a coworker?

I am a huge proponent of nohello in the workplace - I get way too many Slack messages and other interrupts to waste time on pleasantries. I keep my Slack status set to "" as a way ...

communication work-environment colleagues distractions  
user avatar asked by thatgirldm Score of 247
user avatar answered by Kevin Score of 215
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