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What topics can I ask about here?

The Workplace Stack Exchange is a Q&A site about the workplace and other career-related topics. With your help we're working to build a library to every question about the workplace related to:

  • Finding employment (resumes/cv/cover letters, recruiters, hiring-managers, interviews, negotiations, etc.)
  • Maintaining employment (promotions, pay increases, harassment, bullying, poor working conditions, communication problems, etc.)
  • Leadership in the workplace (motivating people, encouraging people, making decisions, holding hard conversations, intervening in unproductive situations, asking for and giving help, etc.)
  • Terminating employment (notice period, breaking the news, handing over work, reference letters, relieving letters, etc.)

What questions are off topic here?

Still not sure?

  • Many questions here describe challenging situations in the workplace. As you have written your question, have you taken the time to formulate a real, answerable, question? For example, "What should I do about an arrogant co-worker?" is not answerable, but "What can I say to my arrogant co-worker to ask her advice with my project?" is answerable.
  • Ask for help in our chat room The Water Cooler (requires 20 reputation)
  • Ask a question on The Workplace Meta about a specific question or rule
  • Look for another Stack Exchange site that may be a better fit for your question
  • If there isn't a place on the Stack Exchange Network where your question fits, you can create a new proposal for that topic on Area 51