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Should I approach my manager about questionable project management?


Currently I'm interning at a medium sized software company. So far I have been getting along well with everyone and they seem to like me aswell. The only predicament I have is my current project's management. Altough this company employs techniques like: version control, scrum, code review and code refinement my manager chose not to use any of those for this project, which really saddens me as those are some of the reasons why I chose for this company in the first place.

Right now I'm about 6 weeks into the project that turned out to be alot more complex and time consuming than me or my manager predicted. This being one of the reasons I didn't speak up sooner. I was under the impression that this would be a 'quick project'.

Even worse, there seems to be a divide between my colleagues over the value of my project. To clarify I did not choose this project myself. As I delve deeper into the project more feature request pile on with no deadline set. I'm the only developer working on this project.


Should I approach my manager about this questionable project management? If so, how direct should I be?


At its current stage the project statisfies all my graduation needs, so scrapping it now would be undesired.