I am working in web development. I've recently started a new job at a small firm of 4 people. I'm the most senior person in terms of age and experience, and report to the CEO, who is younger than me.

The CEO makes an irritating noise while stirring his coffee, which distracts me. He bangs the spoon rapidly against the edges of the mug for about 40 seconds.

How can I ask my boss to stop doing this as it's noisy and distracting?

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It's 40 seconds.

It's not a big deal. Sure, people have annoying little habits, but it's no big deal.

Grit your teeth, breathe, let it go.

There, it's over.

Alternatively, just raise one eyebrow slightly and give him "The Look", while he's doing it.

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There really is no good way for you to address this without embarrassing, or worse, angering your manager which happens to be the CEO of the company. I think in this case the juice is not worth the squeeze, and you should ignore this brief distraction.

Everyone has annoying quirks, including you most likely, so my advise to you going forward is to not sweat the little stuff.

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If you complain about something like this they will inmediately label you as annoying and they will likely link your AGE to this, which is bad because they will think you don't perform as well as younger people or that you can't handle the stress

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