So when I applied, I said on the app that I had completed my masters. Actually my coursework is complete & I need to finish research, but I left because the funding was insufficient. Stupid, I know. I interviewed and we didn’t talk about education much (my masters is irrelevant for the job), but I did say I left academics for financial reasons. I realized my mistake the day after interview & resubmitted my application with the correct info, but I’m not sure if they got it.

Now they offered me the job, contingent on background and drug testing. I put the correct info on the remaining forms. HR asked me to bring in my “college diploma” when I come in with all my documents (standard procedure), but one of the pre-filled forms mentioned my grad school & not my undergrad. So I emailed to point out that the info about the undergrad institution was missing. And on the phone I told her I’d be bringing in my diploma from LSU (undergrad) because “that’s where I got my degree.” She said that was fine, they just needed any diploma.

I’m trying to be honest with them. Is it too late?


I’m trying to be honest with them. Is it too late?

Short answer, it might be, but....

If I make sense of the scenario, it appears that they are only interested in a college degree, which you have. Bring it in as instructed and don't bring up anything else. It looks like in this case your gaff went un-noticed.

For the future, never lie to a potential employer about your credentials or capabilities. For that matter, life is much easier if you don't lie at all. Not meant to be a lecture, just sharing my experience.

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