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I have a friend I am going to refer for an opening at my company.

I have a good relationship with the management of the department with the opening. When submitting the referral form to HR, should I CC those managers or is that inappropriate?

The person in HR who I am submitting to has a good relationship with me as well, she took me on board as an intern which started my career.

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When submitting the referral form to HR, should I CC those managers or is that inappropriate?

Ask your friend in HR.

I'm guessing HR has a process to funnel referrals to the relevant department and thus CCing them will be unnecessary (and perhaps inappropriate), but HR will be able to guide you.


It might be an idea to speak with your manager before referring to HR.

I feel that it'll be better to make sure that your friend is a good fit for the role being applied for before taking the time to go through the application and HR interviews.


I wouldn't CC the prospective managers on the mail to HR, it muddies the waters slighty. HR may misinterpret and assume it's a referral that is supported by these managers for example.

What I would do however is give the departmental managers a heads up after sending it. Either verbally if you work close by or even simply forwarding the e-mail on to them afterwards with a short note explaining that this is a referral for their department that you've passed to HR and you're keeping them in the loop.


HR is the door into the company.Won't do any good by CCing prospective managers. However, a verbal headsup/ putting good word about your friend to the managers will definitely increase his/her chances.

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