If recruiter places candidate who passes all interview stages but declines offer. Do recruiters get payment for this? Or just for successfully hired? It definitely depends on specific agreement but what's common practice?

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    Generally, when I was a recuiter, recruiters are paid for candidates who become employees, with a replace or refund guarantee if they don't last three months. My contingency was based on the expected first year's compensation for that candidate (meaning, if there was a bonus component, we'd calculate based on expected bonus achieved, if successful at the job). So, I guess, technically, a candidate who refused an offer I could still get "paid" for, but since their expected first year's compensation would be zero, it would be a mute point. – PoloHoleSet Nov 1 '17 at 14:24
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Do recruiters get payment for this?

In my professional experience, a recruiter or recruiting company only get's paid if the candidate is placed.

In addition, most companies will have a rider of some kind stating that the new employee has to stay on with the company for X amount of time before they are paid at all.

The other approach I have seen companies take is that they will pay the amount due to the recruiter over multiple payments over a time span. For example, they may get the amount in thirds every 4 months. This way all the money is not paid before the new hire sticks around.


It depends on the specific agreement! Between two business-partners almost anything is possible.

I don´t know what is common, but I know of several occasions where they only got a bounty if a candidate was actually hired.

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