Three months ago, I landed a new job at an industry-respected company. This position was a deviation from my career track. Throughout my career, I always felt competent in my job. In fact, any job I have ever taken, I quickly excelled at and was a valued team member. When I saw the posting for this position, I felt I was perfect for it and had a million ideas on how I could make a positive impact in the role and company.

Three months into the job the company and culture are great, but I feel completely ineffective at my job and like I accepted the wrong role. I feel like my boss and I don't speak the same language, and I feel like we always talk past each other. The one other person on the team works on his own, and my boss is in another city. Usually I'm a highly motivated, positive and effective person who takes on new challenges. but in this role I am unmotivated, procrastinating and developing a negative attitude, which I'm ashamed of.

I'd like to talk to my boss about this, but frankly I'm worried he'll agree and fire me.

What steps can I take to get things on track in this position? How can I ask my manager for help without putting my position at risk? Or is there some other action I can take beyond "keep trying"?

  • Do you meet with your manager on a regular basis? – Neo Dec 14 '17 at 17:34
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Talk to your boss.

He won't fire you for coming to him with your concerns - I don't see how he could, legally. You need to build a relationship with your boss, and you can't do that if you don't talk to him. Unfortunately, a boss isn't like a boy/girl friend - if it's hard to communicate or "isn't clicking" you can't just give up and get a new one. You need to work at fixing your job.

Give it another three months, and dedicate yourself to crafting the job you want.

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