I recently did some work experience, and the manager who was based overseas was very impressed with the work I had done, and mentioned that he would 'certainly be in touch if any position opened up for you'.

A new position has finally opened up, but since the work experience placement was over a year ago, I do not believe he may have remembered due to the number of staff he deals with (over 5000+).

What would be the best way to approach something like this. Is there any way I can send him an email and give him a heads up of me applying for the position, or gain his recommendation? Or should I ask if I can send in my application to him directly? I have not sent in any application yet - therefore, I do not believe it would duplicate with checking the status of an application. How can I check the status of an application if I haven't submitted an application yet?


There's no reason why you can't send an email alongside applying for the post.

Something like:

Hi, I really enjoyed working for you last year. It looks like a post has opened up, so I'm applying for it in the hope I get to work for you again.

He may or may not remember you, but this might serve as a reminder. It also doesn't explicitly ask for his help, it just states the fact that you're applying and have a wish to work for him again.

If he wants and is able to, he might be in a position to help your application go through.

It can't hurt.

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