Essentially, we've already agreed to a follow up, where I send an updated resume to my contact based on what I learned in our conversation. We agreed that I'll send the revised resume within a few days.

A good rapport was established. Sending a simple "thank you" note the day after our meeting seems pointless. I can thank him again when I send the resume. But, I don't want to contradict best practices in business etiquette.

  • Thanks. It's helpful to see two, competing views. I thanked the person verbally, and we had good rapport. I think in this case, an immediate "thank you" email could be seen as a hollow strategy, rather than genuine gratitude (which I already expressed on the phone). "Ah, this guy read somewhere about sending a thank-you note, and so he did." I might err on the side of reiterating my gratitude when I send my updated resume. Commented Jan 11, 2018 at 20:40
  • An immediate thank you email would be rather goofy. Your question said the day after our meeting which would just be keeping your name in front of him the next day. But no, I wouldn't thank him in person and then email him right after. :)
    – Chris E
    Commented Jan 11, 2018 at 20:59

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You only really need to send one email. Just include your "Thank You" when you send the updated resume. If you are going to send a thank you, it doesn't have to be the day after your interview - as long as you're within a week you're fine. Even then, not everyone agrees that a Thank You on it's own is necessary: (Should a thank you letter be sent after an interview?)


Always send a thank you. It's not pointless, it's courteous. You're thanking the person for meeting with you.

The intangible is that you're also keeping your name in their mind.

A better question is why wouldn't you? It's harmless and at worst the person would think "I didn't really need a thank you".

There are some positives and no negatives. Always send a thank you. You never know when it could make the difference when everything else is equal.

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