I left school with 13 A's and above in GCSE's but since then it has been 2 years, I dropped out of college/sixth form with no qualifications and I have yet to have any experience in looking for jobs.

How do I go about writing my resume?

What else should I be writing and doing as I literally have nothing to write?


Many junior roles say that you 'need' a few years' experience, which is often infeasible. In the mean time, I would advise you to:

  1. Think about what kind of career you want. What industry, what role within a company, what type of company etc.
  2. Then, to mitigate the lack of experience, begin volunteering, seeking an internship or seeking an apprenticeship
  3. Do not list on your CV why you dropped out of college, but be prepared to honestly answer this in an interview
  4. Lastly, you should look to improve your writing skills. Even on a site like this, which is quite informal, a 'text speak' approach isn't inviting
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It's a little difficult to give a fuller answer without knowing what sort of industry you might be looking to get into, as there are steps you can take to showcase your abilities in different ways (for example, designers can create a portfolio to show off, software developers can do a few side projects, etc).

Some generic advice would be to not sweat about it too much. Lots of young people don't know what they want to do as a career and have a break after school. While it's not an ideal situation you can mitigate it by writing up a good cover letter explaining the gap any why you think the employer you're applying to would benefit from taking you on.

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