I recently had success with a big tech company in NY. I have accepted the offer over the phone after which received the details of salary-benefits, starting date and manager name - all basically the key parts of the contract in an email.

But I haven't received the contract yet and it has been 9 days since they said in an email that I will receive it shortly.

How should I ask them about it?

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    Who did you speak to on the phone? Have you a more direct means of contacting them? – user34587 Mar 30 '18 at 7:51
  • I spoke to the recruiter who is in charge of my hiring process. I do have their direct contact number as well. – andrew85 Mar 30 '18 at 7:54
  • May be some administrative procedural delay, call and ask – Ironluca Mar 30 '18 at 8:51
  • Amazing how many of these pick up the phone and call questions we are seeing these days. – Mister Positive Mar 30 '18 at 15:35

9 days is long enough, give them a call and politely see if you can find out what is happening.

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    The key word in this statement is call, as in phone call. – Mister Positive Mar 30 '18 at 11:25

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