I am responsible for managing the SDKs for our products, and handle communication with customers. Before sending out code samples that demonstrate our APIs, I spend a lot of time to guarantee that they work.

My boss thinks that I am wasting time. He says we don't get paid extra by customers if we send them working examples. He would rather send them half-finished pieces of code and let them figure it out.

His sense of quality is against what I stand for. I am pretty unhappy, and cannot see myself working for this company. I am not writing here for sympathy, but rather to hear what others think, and if I might be at fault.

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My best answer I can give is to realize why you are there. Your employer pays you in exchange for your services. In this case, following his plans and designing/writing programs for clients. If your boss says the code does not have to be sent through review either by you or anyone else, then I suggest you listen to him. If you truly can not abide by his/her directions, you can a.) voice your opinions or b.) leave the company.

Some advice though, you will be faced with many situations where you do not agree with the methods but you are still expected to "fall in line", especially in the software industry. Lastly, your boss is the mediator between you and the clients in a way and realize that he/she might have a much better perspective on the clients and businesses needs

  • Thanks, this is the type of input I was looking for. I don't like it, but it's brutally honest. :)
    – SrEngineer
    Apr 24, 2018 at 20:45

You need to either learn to deliver what the boss expects, or find yourself a new job where their sense of quality matches yours.

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