I passed the screening and PST/online test for an engagement manager/project leader role for a top consulting firm in a matter of 3 working days. They got back 5 hours after I submitted a resume online, and 3 hours after I took the test.

Is this a sign they want me real bad, have nobody to hire, or that I applied to a phantom job posting which was just there for due diligence?

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    Guess! Why do you think anybody can actually answer this question? – Edgar Aug 3 '18 at 5:04
  • Or you just did well and impressed them? – Twyxz Aug 3 '18 at 7:17

It might be just a sign that this part of the process is automated to some extent.

If this is a "top consulting firm", then it's possible that they get a lot of applicants and they've bought an automated system for the first round of screenings.

Accept the response and carry on with the process.

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