Some time ago I've invested in my personal custom domain. No desirable variations of my name were available with a .com top-level domain so I went for .fyi instead. I like it - in my optinion its slightly playful but not obnoxious. My main email looks now something like email@<MyName>.fyi.

But before I start applying to jobs using that email I need to check whether my opinion of the harmlessness of my top-level domain is indeed justified. In your opinion, does using email@<MyName>.fyi in a job application seem unprofessional / silly / disrespectful?

This question is specifically about the top level domain as other similar questions seem to address primarily the email user name.

The industry is software engineering.


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it looks a little dodgy, expect people to ask if that's the correct email.

for job hunting, maybe just a Gmail address that directs to your FYI - or just a dedicated Gmail address.

the industry doesn't matter, its generally better to look like you confirm to normal standards when you meet people for the first time, and that includes your email.


The whole thing is very very subjective, I can only tell my thoughts on it!

To mee it raises the question "why fyi?". com or your local country domain is neutral, a domain dealing with your website content or hobby is informative and can be funny, but what do you intend to express with fyi? Simply "there was noting else left" is not a good reason if you ever should explain this to someone.
It could express you believe to be more important than you really are.
Having your own domain with an empty website content adds to this thought. You should care about what is on this domain, employers probably will have a look on it.

If you have an interesting business or your website shows what you are able to do that helps in your new job, this is fine.
As a rule of thumb, you must not give the impression hey world, everyone has their own domain and so do I - but I have no idea what for. You can have this domain, that's no problem. But I'd use some neutral mailadress for serious things like a job application.

  • OP doesn't state that the domain contains a website. You can own a domain without ever using it for anything besides an email address. In fact, it was recommended a few years back that people should invest in a domain name with their own name so that someone else couldn't use if for nefarious purposes. But not too many people use their real name for website unless they are real professionals doing real business. In many cases though, having [email protected] is perfectly acceptable for an email address without ever having anything at johnsmith.com.
    – user41891
    Aug 27, 2018 at 20:02

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