I am working as a Project Manager from the last few months but my official designation is still of a software engineer. The official role change will happen next year but I want to use "Project Manager" as my designation because I want recruiters see me in that position. Is there any word which can specify this?

[I saw some profiles on LinkedIn writing "Manager (Designate)" - is "designate" the word I am looking for?]

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    What's going to happen if you just change your designation? You're talking about LinkedIn, right? Is anyone going to care what you put there? – Erik Sep 3 '18 at 15:09
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"Interim" is another word I see quite a lot.


Interim Project Manager

Would be widely understood.

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The word[s] you are looking for is "interim", "pro tem", or "pro tempore". That being said, just calling yourself a project manager is probably not a big deal. You can always clarify when asked about details.

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IMHO, if you defacto project manager with "designation" within the company is coming later, i don`t get the delay BTW, and you get PM salary, responsibilities etc, then you are actual PM, not interim or temporary

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"acting project manager"

One of the definitions of "acting" in the Oxford English Dictionary is

Of a person: doing a job nominally shared with another or others who may not have an active role; (also) temporarily doing the job or duties of another. Chiefly preceding a title of office or occupation.

with example quotations such as "2008 Lloyd's List (Nexis) 8 May 3 Stanley Sher is to be interim acting president until Mr Koch's return." and "1938 A. W. Griswold Far Eastern Policy of U.S. ii. 63 He served as Assistant Secretary of State under Olney, during part of which period..he filled the gap between Olney and Sherman as Acting Secretary."

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