I'm currently working as a trainee in a software development company. In this company there are two programs for trainees: one that pays for 20 hours/week and other that pays for 30 hours/week (obviously, the more you work, the more you receive). Currently I am working 20 hours/week and asked for my boss to migrate my contract to the 30 hours/week plan. He said that he would talk with his associate.

This happened last month and he still has not followed up. I want to ask to him if he talked with his partner, but I don't really know how to do this without being annoying/awkward, especially as I'm effectively asking for a pay raise/more permanent job with the company. How can I phrase my request? Should it be via email, in person, etc?


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It's not awkward. As Joe said, just walk up to him and ask. Hey boss, have you had a chance to [blah blah blah]?

Never be afraid to look after yourself and be assertive about it. If you don't, no one will.


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