I have been in Software Development since 5.3 years. I worked a lot on PHP, its frameworks(laravel, zend, cakephp, codeignitor), javascript, jQuery, angular 5, mysql, postgres, redis etc.

But recently I saw everyone moving to nodejs, react, python etc. That makes me tense about my future, because I can justify my pay when I work in PHP. But when most of the jobs require me to know node, what should I do because I dont work on node in current company and thus cant show experience like other candidates who would take the job making me lag behind.

What can be done to overcome it as in future the gap to get into new job will become narrower by showing experience in PHP, as most of the companies use node, python. I dont want to be unemployed in future(or stay in same or current company forever) as I dont have experience in python, nodejs as company I worked with works in PHP. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you for reading!

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The only way is to learn on your own time, or spearhead a project using the technologies you want to learn. I hear this is a common pattern already, developers who want to learn some technology convince management to do the next project or module in technology X, and then they leave for a better job.

When I was looking for a job about a year ago I would go home as soon as I could and start working on a personal project using the technology I wanted to learn. No Netflix, no gaming, no pizza, nothing. Just trial and error until I could claim it on my CV. This paid off.

  • Perfect! How do you stay motivated considering the fact your friends were working on latest tech stack(say node) and you have to study on yourself and implement it? Come on, motivation factor is a main differentiating factor according to me ! Thanks for your positive response. – anonymous Nov 7 '18 at 12:07
  • 3
    @anonymous The motivation was that others were doing cool stuff and I was writing legacy code. And that I was earning way less than I could. That did it for me, of course ymmv – rath Nov 7 '18 at 12:22

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