A company representative explicitly said I would be receiving my traveling reimbursement by 30 Nov, but I have not yet received it.

In addition to this, they sent me an offer via email, I said I would accept it contingent on looking at the contract, and they haven't sent that either. All this communication happened about a month ago.

As a non-native speaker, I'm not sure how to send a polite but firm email reminding that they're due to send me reimbursement and the contract.


Don't worry too much about sounding insistent. HR in any company can be extraordinarily slow from my experience. Just send a follow up email with your original email copied bellow, asking for a status on your reimbursement. As for the offer, a similar approach is what I would suggest. Just send an email asking about the offer letter. As long as you're businesslike in your emails, you won't come off as rude. (E.g):

Hello [HR person],

I am contacting you about the status of the reimbursement for travel expenses that we discussed earlier (copied bellow), I was wondering when that would go through? In addition, I was wondering about the status of my offer letter so I can review the contract in more detail.

Thanks for your time,

[your name]

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