Hello at stackoverflow I am at the top 7% of their users. Is that a somewhat good indication about how good/bad I am as a Software Engineer?

I mean if I apply to a Hellenic Company as Software Engineer will be considered as a plus or as a minus if I disclose this information to my cv?

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Is that a somewhat good indication about how good/bad I am as a Software Engineer?


It's an indication about how good/bad you are at asking coherent/intelligent questions and answering same (btw, congratulations).

As for whether it's a plus or minus, consider:

  • Some people may be impressed.
  • Some may be unimpressed / wonder why it's on your resume
  • Some will not recognize the significance (or worse, not recognize StackExchange!)

Personally, I'd leave it off my resume but be prepared to discuss it during the interview.

  • Good answer.. particularly the last line! – motosubatsu Dec 12 '18 at 16:45

Keep in mind, StackOverflow/StackExchange tries to give you the most optimistic/cheerful number they can. So on Workplace Stackexchange, I'm top 4% this quarter; in stackoverflow, I'm top 6% this year. It doesn't say top % all time for either, because that number would probably be something like top 93% all time (aka, not all that impressive.) And it doesn't say my Workplace number is for this year, because that number wouldn't be as impressive as what it happens to be for this quarter.

So... take pride in it... but not too much :-)

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