I will defend my PhD soon and I am looking for opportunity outside academia. I am interested in preclinical trial research but I struggle getting referral or interview since I do not have a network in that area, yet. Thus, while looking for an opportunity in some relevant company, I was also considering to apply to fundations. Is no-profit considered as Academic experience (aka postdoc) or it may help me getting a job in the industry?

I appreciate any help and suggestion you may give me. Thank you, Marco

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    Whether something is non-profit, academic, or will help you get a job are three different issues. Are you really asking whether it's considered academic experience, or is your main question whether it will help you get a job and you think the former will answer the latter? – Acccumulation Dec 20 '18 at 21:45
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    Career advice is off topic, voting to close. – The Wandering Dev Manager Dec 20 '18 at 21:52
  • As long as the foundation provides you with opportunities to practice in the field of work you actually work in, it should be as valid as any other experience. Most organizations that are "non-profit" are that way simply because of the nature of their funding. Most employers understand that, some do not. – teego1967 Dec 27 '18 at 11:48

Nonprofits may do basic research, but by definition they are not academic institutions like universities, and their missions are usually broader and more applied (e.g. funding, disseminating, and championing research applications) than doing basic research itself, especially if the nonprofit is relatively large.

Also, nonprofit work is not technically post-doc, as post-doc is typically a title reserved for work in university research center or lab settings, within the framework of a traditional academic institution.

There might be borderline instances if a nonprofit is very tightly integrated or affiliated with a university lab or center, but for the most part post-doc positions are only advertised by universities (at least in my experience).

As long as you are venturing outside the academe, I would encourage you to consider opportunities in government research labs or agencies, such as state departments of health. They provide solid research experience and can be a good 'staging area' between the academe and the private sector, for you to spend a few years and build your CV. Good luck!

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