Context - Happily employed for the last 5yrs, love my current company - Want to move to a new location to be closer to wife's family - Current company has no presence in the area, pure remote position is not something that would make sense given my desired career path

Considerations - Compensation at current company is structured such that leaving before June would be very costly - Current lease expires at the end of Feb 2020 - desired move date is March 2020

Question As I talk to recruiters for prospective companies (not general recruiters, these people work for the companies in question directly) (all of whom have a presence in the desired metro area) should I mention my desire to first work in my current area and then move to this new area?



Im not sure why you even have to ask.
You want to move, even have a timeframe set.

Of course you should tell the recruiters.
By letting them know, they'll concentrate on finding a way to accomodate your wish without bothering you with offers you'll deny anyways.

Mind you, some may have issues with integrating you into a team and moving you after merely a year or so.

  • For some clarity, this isnt a general recruiter. I am contacting the companies directly - sorry I didnt add that bit of context, will update – CloudArchitect01 Dec 27 '18 at 15:53

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