I recently completed my interview process for a job that is my top priority. My last interview was on Dec 20th, 2018. The interview went really well. At the end of the interview The hiring manager told me that they still need to interview another candidate and will get back to me after 2 weeks since the Christmas holidays started a day after. But, shortly after the Interview was over (within 30 mins or so), the HR got back to me saying that the Interview went well and said he needs to discuss about my visa sponsorship details if the manager decides to extend an offer.

Later after the holidays got over, I mailed my hiring manager on Jan 2nd(wednesday), asking if they made a decision and he replied back saying that they are interviewing the other candidate tomorrow (i.e, thursday) as they were not able to do it before holidays. He said they will make a decision by end of next week and apologised to keep me waiting.

On Friday evening, I got another offer from a company which is only my second preference. I Immediately let my hiring manager know about this other offer and requested him that It would be great if they could let me know their decision by Jan 8, Tuesday. This was his exact response for this email: Thanks for letting me know xx. Yes, I will get back to you with a decison on Tuesday.

Now how do I decode this response? what does this mean? I am losing my patience, did anyone else face the same situation ? :)

Edit: I would like to know how likely I am to get this job offer and what could be the reason for not making the decision yet as all their interviews are over

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    I'm not sure what there is to decode. You asked for a reply by Tuesday. They said they'd reply by Tuesday. I don't see any reason to be losing your patience-- the company seems to have communicated their schedule at every step and have kept to that schedule. – Justin Cave Jan 6 at 3:44
  • Based on my experience your company seems to progress with the decision making at a reasonable pace and they seem to stick to their announced schedule. – Simon Jan 6 at 10:27
  • Welcome new user. It's a difficult issue but you need to sit tight until Tuesday. Good luck! – Fattie Jan 6 at 11:40

As Justin said, they’re keeping you in the loop and will left you know Tuesday. Chill!
You can’t assess the chances of getting an offer and they’re acting pretty quickly, as you might expect various people needed to agree to the hiring to be out of the office, so nothing to get irritated about - the second company should understand you not giving them an immediate response, particularly at this time of year (and if not that’s a concern, but that’s a different issue)

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