I have been working as a JAVA/C++ software engineer for last 4.5 years. I am very much interested in cryptography, network security and application security. I keep reading things related to this and regularly attend security meetups to keep be updated however don't have any professional experience in this.

How can I make shift to this field?

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  • Be schooling yourself (at home or cources) and then apply for a junior position? – Martijn Jan 14 at 10:07

The same way as any expertise shift:

  • Learn the new skill on an ad-hoc basis (to see if you like it and have the aptitude)
  • Join an online community to learn more, experiment, discuss
  • Gain formal qualifications in this field (to add to your resume)
  • Have a portfolio published (Github/whatever)
  • Create and write blogs on this subject (if applicable)
  • Look at relevant job adverts and match your skills/experience against what's listed on the job advert and then seek to fill the gaps that prevent you from applying

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