I cannot download extensions at my workplace.

Also it appears that Google Chrome no longer respects the blocks I put in the /etc/hosts file on my Macbook Pro.

I spent about 30 minutes searching Google and most sites were saying use an extension or they were out of date.

Does anyone know how to block websites in Google Chrome without extensions?

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Since this is a work problem you can ask IT to update their firewall rules. Not sure how responsive they'd be on an individual's request to block sites for an individual machine, so best get your manager's backing first.

This will likely require you to justify spending IT time for this task, so you have to demonstrate value from blocking the sites.

So, best start with a support ticket and escalate to your manager as necessary. Maybe you'll catch them in a good mood, who knows.


  1. This post on Superuser: Why is Chromium bypassing /etc/hosts and dnsmasq?
  2. use Firefox

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