My Github username is the same as this account's-BadassSalad. Currently, I'm just a student, so I'm doing personal projects, but I was wondering if this username might hurt me in the future.

Maybe I'll make a whole new one when I do want to use Github in resumes? Comments/advices would be appreciated.

Thank you

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    This seems fairly speculative. You're asking if this might hurt me. I mean, yeah, it might... – Jay Jan 17 at 4:23
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    Nah. It's okai. Just have quality repos. – dawn Jan 17 at 4:50
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    Na... it's fine... if you have to ask the question, then yep, it will get you the quality job you deserve – Kilisi Jan 17 at 6:25
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    Yuck! – Emil Vikström Jan 17 at 7:27
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    FWIW, for me that one is fine. It's not racist or vulgar. Many programmers have "funny" nicknames - you have no problem there. – Fattie Jan 17 at 12:51

If you can create a new account or change your name with a more professional sounding name that is far less likely to potentially give a bad impression to people considering hiring you where you can keep the same content, why not? You can even realistically manage them separately to fill different needs. Maintaining only the polished code you feel proud of on your professional account.

*Thanks to @Anish for the comment about changing names.

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