I’m working freelance at a restaurant where I just do their designs. I don’t need to come to the office and I get paid monthly. I don’t work per hour so it doesnt matter how many designs I make per hour. My contract runs until April.

I’m going out of the country for a vacation trip during the 1st week of March for 7 days. I really don’t want to bring my laptop on vacation to work on designs, but I feel like I’m not entitled to take a leave for a week because they rely on me and no one else can do my job.

What do you guys think?

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    Talk to your supervisor. Nobody here will be able to give you a real answer because we aren't in the position to make that decision. – Our_Benefactors Feb 9 at 4:30
  • But what if this happened to you? What would you do? – J. Mangum Feb 9 at 5:28
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    @J.Mangum This wouldn't happen to me because I would have agreed it in the contract. – Philip Kendall Feb 9 at 8:06
  • @J.Mangum I would talk to my supervisor, like I said. – Our_Benefactors Feb 9 at 19:09
  • @Our_Benefactors how would you talk to the supservisor? Would you ask directly "can i take a leave the whole week next week? Or something else? – J. Mangum Feb 10 at 2:56

You are allowed to take a vacation, the contract is not 24/7/365 (at least I hope not...)

You could, if you produce the menus for example get the ones ready for the week you will be absent.

And, having to get your laptop worked on is also valid - again pre-prepping material is a good move.

Set them up ready and enjoy the vacation.

  • That wasnt in my contract for sure. Or was it discussed over my interview. I just need to do their designs thats it. Yes, thats my plan, to tell them to give me the deliverables in advanced. But sometimes they give surprise tasks like do a poster for just one day. Should I tell them now about my trip or a week before? My laptop's problem is just the speakers its not that big of a deal but i want it fixed. – J. Mangum Feb 9 at 7:46
  • If they cannot plan for "surprise" tasks, then neither can you. Give them a week or 10 days notice and that is sufficient - in reality if you are hit by a bus & in hospital, then you won't be working tomorrow - they should have a plan B... – Solar Mike Feb 9 at 7:49
  • Thank you! This makes more sense. But.. this is a vacation trip. For leisure, its not an emergency. And I feel kind of guilty if I take a vacation when everyday is kind of a vacation for me since I dont have to come in to work. I handle my own time and I just need to finish my work. Maybe im just being emotional over this? – J. Mangum Feb 9 at 7:52

I would leave the laptop at home- keep the vacation a vacation.

If you think it will impact the company, work hard before and after the trip. Unless you really mess with your vacation by working a substantial number of hours, the work you do during those 7 days won't matter nearly as much as just giving it all you've got during your regular work days.

  • Also i need to get my laptop fixed too and i wanna use that time to get it fixed. But i feel like its asking too much if i ask for a vacation when i can work anywhere and they dont track my hours and i get paid fixed. But thank you for this! I really wanna hear people's opinions – J. Mangum Feb 9 at 5:30

One of the main reasons I started freelancing was to no longer have a small, fixed number of vacation days, so as long as I haven't made any commitments for a time period it is completely acceptable to go on holiday for two months.

Since you are freelance, the same applies to you. Negotiate so there is a block of time without deliverables due, then you're set. Whether you use that time for holidays, training or other projects isn't even remotely relevant to your customer, so it doesn't even need to come up in the discussion.

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