I have found a form for applying for an IT-Fachkräftezulage but have no idea whether I'm eligible.

What is this actually?

  • Needs more details or clarity? How can a question be more straightforward than asking "What is this"?
    – Chris
    Sep 29 '20 at 16:49

Compensation when working for the German state is strongly regulated. Salaries according to the regulations are not competitive for IT specialists.

The IT-Fachkräftezulage is a regulatory exception to offer IT specialists working for the government a higher salary.

You are eligible if you are an IT Specialist applying for a government job and the position you are applying for is in a specific salary range. The salary range is specified in German as "Entgeltgruppen 9a bis 15 TVöD oder Entgeltgruppen 9 bis 15 TV-V".

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