I am curious on the process for when I turn in my employee ID badge; I did so today to my supervisor, however, he is not my direct HR consultant. My HR consultant just needs to talk with me on a few pointers to get me back in the game, so to speak, and they are the ones who ultimately will make the final decision regarding me being let go or not. While I did turn my ID badge to my supervisor today, and also considering that he does not ultimately decide my fate (because my HR consultant will do that), does that necessarily mean I'm let go?

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    did someone ask for your badge? – Kilisi Feb 11 at 23:31
  • my supervisor just said to hand it over to him, but he also said that my HR consultant will make the final decision, so to speak. I should mention that as I stated earlier, my supervisor doesn't make the final decision, my HR consultant does – user99537 Feb 11 at 23:32
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    go see HR, these things are company specific, we can't give you the answer – Kilisi Feb 11 at 23:33
  • I understand, but I just want to know if I am truly in deep hot water or if it is really a matter of HR and I being able to negotiate, and do it well – user99537 Feb 11 at 23:35
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    As Kilisi said, just go see HR. However, I wouldn't take having to hand your employee badge over as a good sign. We don't know where you are, what led to this, if this is common behavior in your company/country, etc. In short HR is the ONLY one that can provide you with information. – NotMe Feb 11 at 23:36