I have been working at company X for nearly a year now in a software related role. Around 3-4 months into working at X, I began to feel the role was not as advertised and a lot of the work I have been doing from then up to now is both menial and does not resound with my skills in the slightest.

When I felt I could no longer shrug these feelings off, I had a meeting with my line manager, (let's call him J) to discuss how I was feeling and what improvements could be made. A couple of months passed and I felt nothing had improved so I arranged another meeting with J to discuss the same thing to no avail. At this point, J's boss spoke to me privately ensuring that me that the work and my overall situation would be improving soon.

Fast forward till a couple of weeks back from now, still nothing. At this point, I arranged a meeting with our HR department to discuss the possibility of moving departments as I was very unhappy and did not want to leave, as X was a great company. Needless to say, HR was very accommodating and I actually felt listened to for once in a while which was nice. The problem now is that I haven't heard back from them for over two weeks.

I feel disappointed that I am not being taken seriously despite many meetings being arranged between quite a few different people over a 3-4 month period. I'm not quite sure what the next steps look like for me, but I want to at least try to follow up with HR. How can I do this without coming across like I'm bothering everyone with my problem?

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    There's a thing that I want to know, are you using arguments when you talk to them ? I mean you can't just say I want to change department because I feel that I can do more and end of the story. If there's a good project in another department and they're SHORT OF PEOPLE, because they can't have a department with 100 people and leave the other with 1, you can ask about changing department using arguments like : I know about the other project, my skills in doing this and that may prove to be useful, and then it's up to them to decide the if you can be of use or not.
    – Noblesse
    Mar 26, 2019 at 8:46

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Is your company big? It might be an issue with the company size as companies with sizes over 100 employees may have trouble keeping track with how employees are utilized.

You do not want to leave, or do you feel that you have no options leaving? Working for a fabulous-sounding company does not matter if you're not growing in there in terms of skills to say the least.

Seriously consider leaving.


HR departments can be notoriously slow, especially in bigger companies, but given you've attempted to resolve this with multiple people for several months now, I'd hope they would at least try to expedite the process. Definitely do a follow up with them to find out where they are at in the process and when you can expect a response/follow-up (they really should have given you this the first time you met with them, not left the situation open-ended).

The key thing you will want to bear in mind when they do eventually get back to you is that you don't want more empty platitudes. You can reasonably expect that they will come back to you and explain that nothing will change immediately, but at the same time don't accept vague promises that people will try to make things better in the future or that it's something they're working towards. Instead, you'll ideally want to come away with some formal plan for what will change and some firm timelines for when. Then you have something to hold the company accountable to if they continue to do nothing, and more importantly, you give yourself a firm cut-off point where you can say you've tried everything and enough is enough.

In the meantime, certainly brush up your resume and start looking at other opportunities. You have to accept that there is at least the possibility that this isn't something the company can, or is willing to, change.

  • My experience is that HR won't just move you to a different department these days. You'll need to find a team with an opening and apply for it. There may be a "career counselor" that has the list of internal openings, but they won't do much other than asking the other lead to consider you.
    – pboss3010
    Mar 26, 2019 at 16:10

Time to move on.

You've brought this up, they told you they are gonna help you, but they didnt. Repeat 3 times.
You now expect another result the 4th time?

As long as you keep putting up with this, they will too. They've shown you what they think you're worth to them by not trying to at least try to accommodate your wishes (after 3! converstations about it).
And if you indicate that you can do more than basic tasks, but they still don't try to check out the potential? Not very smart IMO.

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