Useful notes: It might seem like asking for an advice but the decision has been already taken. It would be appreciated to let me know how to put my resignation without hurting the director as I would like to keep personal relationships in my network great. I am putting all the possible useful information required to suggest.

I am planning to quit the job by handing over the roles and responsibilities because of my poor health and being criticized about the work I am doing. The previous work done in the company was much awful that what I have done and I have contributed my best to make the company survive through its tough times.

Below is some information to understand the scenario:

1. The company has been at loss before I joined here. (I joined in January 2018)

The company has had wrong approach and work flow where the months which were treated as profit were at real loss which I have warned them about. I was shut down stating that "they have been running this business since 2001 and know how to run it."

PS: This is my first company/project where I worked in-office in a managerial role. I generally do my freelance projects, guide remote teams where I used to make good profit in the IT industry.

2. The director who is responsible to do his daily activities has just deviated the work to me and stopped coming to office. (He owns the company)

The director currently does not do any particular work now rather than managing the finances of the company as I am taking care of all the work. He smartly reminded me about giving me the "General Manager" role and has put all the works on me stating he has other work to do and investing his time here is not beneficial.

This is true as he does not have any work to do basically except managing the finances as all the work goes through me.

3. The director keeps on saying that my work is not up to the mark and criticizes first and comes back later stating to do my best and pretends to support me.

I have managed to make the company survive from March 2018 till date because of my contribution. However, the improvements I have brought are not enough based on the current company scenario. (I'm limited with budget and useful resources. From the last one month, I feel like I have stopped learning something new.)

The only area where he truly supports is by pumping in additional investment to make the immediate payments. But from last 2 months, he stopped doing it and has put the pressure on me to make the payments by generating revenue.

2 months back I was given the full authority and have increased 40% collection amount in 37 days. Our sales/revenue is not equal to the collection amount we bring. All the additional money I have brought, I planned for 'x' payments while without informing the money has been utilized to pay the bills for which the director is supposed to invest the money to run the company.

PS: Sales/Revenue Generated is not equal to the collection. Collection is the outstanding amount that the company has to receive from previous sales.

4. More time has to be invested in restructuring the company better while I do not have support from any additional sources.

The culture established here is sh** and I had to restructure everything from scratch from the last one year. Basically people often escape work and no proper action has been taken during the last 5 years, where these people have been termed as senior employees in the company.

After I took complete power from last two months, I have taken appropriate action. However, my decisions have been criticized while I still find it hard to make these people work or replace them for the time being.

From this you can understand that it will take a long amount of time to restructure again.However, based on the roles, I cannot immediately fire them and to restructure the team, it will again take a long amount of time.

Also to start making the expected profit, it will take another few months time, which the director is not pleased with. (I at least stopped the company from losing money which has been going on when the director was in charge).

A bit about myself which is making it hard to draft a resignation letter

  • My job duties can be fulfilled by the current director only based on the current situations.
  • I have been provided the job offer letter named as "content writer" and after I made the role switch after two months as "Operations Manager" I wasn't provided any letter. (Now that I carry all the responsibilities in the company and want to quit, I'm not sure whether the job role that I wish will be given on paper or not as there is no email proof.)
  • The salary remained same and I was offered about profits verbally and not in writing (I do not care about the profits but the underpay might be a problem at the future companies I work at. The biggest mistake I have done.)

What would be the best approach to state about my resignation where I it is a win-win for both of us?

I cannot take the stress anymore. Even though my health is very bad and I have been coming to work from last one month, I was criticized of not having the sales increase while all employees in the company are thankful for improving the company situation.

The director feels like I have lost my interest in work while I'm fighting with my health to survive everyday and still do my best. (BTW no work efficiency was compromised or was seen a delay during this situation as well.)

  • Why do you want a win-win for both of us? If the other party is the Director... then why? – Twyxz Apr 1 '19 at 9:10
  • The director is a known person to me. I want to put a good ending to this job. I can simply resign stating my failing health as an issue but without me the company will be shutdown in a few months unless the Director realizes the mistakes that he has been doing. – idk Apr 1 '19 at 9:14
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    Win-win for both in this situation doesn't exist. The director is lazy and ignorant. Your health is the opportunity cost here. Leave, seek guidance and let the company reach its fate – Twyxz Apr 1 '19 at 9:16
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    as you have said this was your biggest mistake. If he doesn't hand them over there is not much you can do if nothing was written in paper. always get written proof. sometimes you have to just accept and move on as best you can – Twyxz Apr 1 '19 at 9:46
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    Your question says you are asking about how to present your resignation, but you have accepted an answer that just says "Leave" without telling you the answer to that. – DJClayworth Apr 1 '19 at 13:56

"What would be the best approach to state about my resignation"

Send the following email:

Dear Jack. Please accept my resignation as of today, Tuesday March 1 2019. Kindly, Id Kay.

OP, a number of times you mention that you seem to think you should include some reason in your resignation note.

Never, ever, ever mention any reasons, whatsoever, for resignation.

Your resignation note should state two items:

  1. Your final calendar day. (Ideally this should be that same day. If you absolutely must give a notice period, state the minimum possible day.)

  2. If absolutely necessary, any HR issues. Limit this to the bare minimum number of words. For example "My expense account balance is $123.45."

Nothing else - not one word more than those two things.

OP, a number of times you mention that the company has/had various problems.

Any problems the company has are 100% not your concern. Put them out of your mind.

A resignation note should be very much like an invoice: an invoice states date, amount and perhaps invoice number. A resignation note should state today's date and the final work day date. Nothing else - nothing.

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  • I basically run the company solely despite not being given the role. So it is not a assumption that the company has problems. It really does. Thanks for your advice. Will put it simple and short. – idk Apr 1 '19 at 12:32
  • hi @idk - it sounds like you really know what's happening at the company. Definitely, put that out of your mind. It's "not your problem." Regarding the resignation note, just copy and paste these words: *Dear Jack. Please accept my resignation as of today, Tuesday March 1 2019. Kindly, Id Kay:, put in the correct names, and you're done. A resignation note is very much like an invoice. Just include the one fact (the last day of work). Never ever ever mention any reason in a resignation note - that is a very bad idea on many levels. Good luck ! – Fattie Apr 1 '19 at 12:51
  • Yeah, I also thought the same. Many times, I have always wanted to give feedback and but it always burnt my own hands. – idk Apr 1 '19 at 13:00
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    Indeed, for anyone reading, never, ever, ever give feedback when leaving a job or contract. – Fattie Apr 1 '19 at 13:01


Your health comes first. How many people say on their death-bed "I wish I had spent more time at work"? More like " I wish I had spent more time with family and friends"...

The director will have to step up, period.

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    Something like: I would like to tender my resignation ending the X of XX. Thank you for the post I have enjoyed the challenge, but my health is causing me issues so I have to leave. Yours sincerely... – Solar Mike Apr 1 '19 at 9:43
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    @idk be direct. Make sure X knows his faults and make sure that your mental health comes first before anything. Do not agree to anything similar to "Can you continue until we find a replacement" because this never ends well – Twyxz Apr 1 '19 at 9:43
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    @SolarMike - never, ever, ever, ever state a reason for a resignation. Never. – Fattie Apr 1 '19 at 11:46
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    That web page has some perfect advice ("Don’t go into details.") but it has some incredibly bad advice ("Offer assistance" - my God, never do that; "Express gratitude" - never do that. It's a resignation note, not poetry.) A resignation note should be exactly like an invoice. State the last work day and that's it. – Fattie Apr 1 '19 at 11:56
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    Well, I was going to answer this, but you did a fine job, so +1 – Old_Lamplighter Apr 1 '19 at 13:03

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