I've been employed in a UX position and I found out that this wasn't for me and I am pursuing work that is more front-end and coding-related. So i handed in my notice at the company, since I became very unhappy. I've not got a new job offer yet at a new company.

The development manager asked me about it and when I said I was looking for something within development she seemed to react to the fact that I hadn't asked her. I've since learned that she is in fact looking for developers.

What are the disadvantages or pitfalls in applying for these positions? At this point pretty much every one in the company has gotten word that I have handed in my notice, and I am set to leave this company at the end of next month.


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Schedule a meeting with the development manager, apologise for overlooking the fact she is hiring and discuss the positions she is hiring for. Ask what she is really looking for, and work out whether you fit the bill. If you do, then that is your opportunity to sell yourself into one of the open roles.

Do you report directly to the development manager? If not, and you feel your immediate manager would put in a good word for you, ask them if they would be prepared to recommend you for another role within the business.

Ultimately, you should be trying to work out whether it was the role you decided to leave or both the role and the organisation. If the latter, then you are better moving on to a new company.


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