I’m a U.K. resident working for a U.K. company. The company is based in Manchester but I work remotely in the south. I have a love for French culture and have lots of French friends (through previously learning the language) and I would like to spend some time there but don’t have the available holiday days available.

Is it legal for me to travel to France and work remotely for a month for my U.K. company? Would there be any additional costs or paperwork for my company?

  • Your tax address changes if you are found to live more than 6 months per year in France. AFAIK. The money transactions are all happening in between UK banks, so there isn't even any change in your banking address. If your working address changes, anything under 6 months is holiday work. As a frenchman i tell you: be wary about declaring anything small to French admins... They will have you filling in 20 pages for changing a skylight on your roof, including an architetural assessment of your new skylight, they will send you 400 pages of junk mail if you register a new company in France (insuran Apr 28 '19 at 6:55

It should be fine, especially if it’s remote work ie you’re connecting via Remote Desktop or something. Even working “for” the company but offline on your laptop is fine. It won’t affect your tax status for either country; you’re not there long enough. Up until Dec 2016, I spent nearly 5 years doing this between UK and Spain.

The only issues the company might have are:

  • costs (do they have to pay your expenses? there are no paperwork or related costs),
  • trust - although that should be ok, and
  • availability. It would help reassure them if you’re fairly near a major airport with direct flights. I know from experience that it might be quicker to get to Manchester from abroad than driving from UK south coast (4/5 hours).
  • @seventyeightist, thanks for neatening up the answer text for me; much appreciated. I find it really hard if I'm trying to contribute from my phone screen.
    – Justin
    Apr 29 '19 at 12:17

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