I am the junior developer in a team of two in the UK and my senior developer calls me selfish and peer pressures me into going upstairs into an office of 30+ people and getting cakes to bring back down. My anxiety is high and I don't want to do it, but if I don't do it, he will intentionally not share things with me i.e. sweets.

What should I say/do to feel less pressure from this guy?

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    Let me get this straight. He's threatening to withhold sweets from you because you don't want to go upstairs to get cakes? – Snow May 2 at 12:08
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    peer pressures me - say, what? – Sourav Ghosh May 2 at 12:09
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    Consider asking this on interpersonal.stackexchange.com instead – Player One May 2 at 12:10
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    Is it clear he means it like that or is it just good natured ribbing? I've had lots of similar banter with the senior devs at my work and if you're new it can be hard to draw the line between what's banter or serious. – mag May 2 at 12:12
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    @GeorgeB "or else" what? Is he threatening you with bad performance reviews? Giving you the worst coding tasks? Won't include you in meetings? We need more details as to what he is doing to pressure you. Saying he won't share sweets with you is really not enough. – David K May 2 at 12:20

Just tell him straight

If you want cake, you go and get it yourself.

People can't use seniority to make you into a gopher for such inconsequential things.

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