Recently the company I joined which had made some people redundant and there was a meeting to make sure no one else is getting laid off, but since then a guy is always hovering the floor like keeping an eye. if someone notices him, he just passes on a smile.

It has become very unconfortable for me/us seeing him. Should I discuss with my manager in 1-2-1? Is this a normal practice in big company?

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    It isn't a spy when it is obvious their role is to watch you. Then it is a supervisor. Or perhaps in this situation, you may prefer to call them an overseer or taskmaster. – bruglesco Jun 17 at 15:53
  • Saw that in a factory once, the workers on the floor started shouting "he's over here...", "he's going to...".. Didn't take long and the management moved him... – Solar Mike Jun 17 at 16:03
  • Your manager has probably noticed a decrease in productivity. They might have sent someone for investigation. If you believe you're very productive with your time, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about it. – KingDuken Jun 17 at 17:20
  • You listed this under software. Are you guys working on computers? If so, it seems confusing why a tech company would send someone to watch the floor as oppose to monitoring them from the network. I would tell your manager at the 1-2-1 about better ways to keep tabs on employees than having a person on the floor of a tech company. – Dan Jun 17 at 19:26
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Should I ask my manager in our 1-2-1 meeting his role and why he is taking note of everyone on the floor and hovering keeping a bird's eye view?

You can ask, yes, but I would not.

I would ask my manager "Am I doing a good job and what can I do better?" Focus on your quality of work, your performance, and your relationship with your manager.

Ignore the person who appears to be watching.

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