My boss expected me to attend a meeting I was never informed about existed that isn't a regular event that repeats every couple of cycles.. I'm not going to just assume things exist without reason and ask for have any meetings without reason. I also got an e-mail about a meeting that would happen on Monday that ended up happening on Thursday so I missed half of it because I didn't get the right info. My boss is a bully who has schizophrenic delusional ideas?? who is either really delusional or lies for political reasons and can't make up his mind on telling his intern what to do and ends up telling me to do really time consuming things that he ends up saying nevermind don't do that, that's a waste of time, why aren't you there yet when I keep giving your the wrong directions on where to drive this car? If you keep changing the directions, you can't expect me to get things done if I have poor directions. What do I do with this kind of poor management?

I also don't have a ton of free time on my hands because he keeps telling me to change driving directions and redo everything again because he doesn't know where we're supposed to go. Maybe if I had freetime I would have been able to explore and react to this insane racketball.

He thinks I can "learn" from spying on everyone's meetings I'm not even actively involved in. But I can't learn anything from spying and I'm not benefiting from spying on everyone. But in his ideal world I'm a spy who gathers information from these meetings that I really consider meaningless and without information.

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    What is your desired outcome? – Jay Jul 3 at 19:20
  • To get people to invite me, an outsider who takes no part, who is requested by the boss to oversee everything- even things I don't know how to manage or fix without sounding like I'm making them do extra work or peeking over their shoulder. My boss wants me to peek over their shoulder without actually being noticed that I'm peeking over their shoulder. The only way to do this is to become Big Brother and spy on everyone. Except in this 1984 people don't even know that big brother is watching and I'm not a spy. – Germania Jul 3 at 19:21
  • Honestly I don't care more or less. I'm telling you what my boss wanted^. I just want to execute everything flawlessly and flow. Not crash into a meeting half-way through even though attending a meeting with people I'm not working with is actually a waste of time. – Germania Jul 3 at 19:27

My boss expected me to attend a meeting I was never informed about existed. I'm not going to just assume things exist without reason and ask for have any meetings without reason.

If you are not getting informed about meetings- I would ask your boss if you can be added for email chains for those kinds of things. Recurring meetings usually have the same people on them, you just need to be added. Remind him that you aren't being added and that's why you aren't showing up and your boss should make sure you are added in the future

  • But the thing is I'm not supposed to be added because I'm not doing those projects. and my boss doesn't want to use his authrity tell people that he gave me permission to spy on them. My boss ideally expects me to spy on everyone without making it seem like I'm spying on everyone. he's expecting an impossible result because he's delusionally a bully or a politician who's lying. – Germania Jul 3 at 19:25

You go to the meeting, as soon as you learn about it. And afterwards you ask your boss how you can make sure that you know about these types of meetings in advance.

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    he expects me to see things I have no active part in-he thinks me seeing everything would be educational-but that's not how it is.The people involved in the project obviously know about it but I wouldn't be told where the party is unless I'm actively a part of it. – Germania Jul 3 at 19:17
  • @Germania You mention that you aren't actively in the party, but could you talk to the leader of the party and mention that you would like to participate in all of the meetings, so to be sure to include you in each of the invites? If you don't get invited, you can put the blame on this person, as it is now their responsibility to inform you if they agree to it. – さりげない告白 Jul 4 at 2:54

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