I had a phone interview this morning with two interviewers, and I am planning on sending a thank-you email addressed to both of them.

However, I was never in email communication with either of them, and I obtained their email addresses myself through the company website.

This is probably a silly question, but would it be intrusive to send emails to these two employees if they had never solicited email contact? The only person I had been in email contact with was the HR recruiter, and they were not a part of the interview panel.

Thank you for the advice!

  • @JoeStrazzere Even if I wasn't given their contact info and found it myself? Their emails are in fact on the company website...a difficult choice
    – otonomi
    Commented Jul 30, 2019 at 21:18

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If you worked through a recruiter (either at the target company or a third party) you might be better off composing the thank-yous for your interviewers and then sending them to the recruiter to forward along. It's a little less intrusive and still 100% professional.


A thank you note, even unsolicited, could never hurt. I'm assuming there are work email addresses you picked up from the corporate site? (seems silly otherwise)


Having been on the receiving end of a thank-you email after an interview, similar to what you're describing where the interviewee would have had to do even the tiniest bit of sleuthing to find my company email address, I (and my colleagues who also received emails form the same candidate) found it unnecessary and just a little strange.
We had no prior contact with the individual and expected no follow-up contact, particularly since no contact details had been shared.
In my mind, faced with 2 candidates who were absolutely identical in every other way, this would have tipped the balance microscopically in the other candidate's favor.

By all means, send a thank-you to the hiring manager or whoever else you've already been in contact with or who have shared their contact details with you in the interview, but I would not recommend an out-of-the-blue email to anyone else.

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