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I've been offered, and have accepted a job at a large tech company. The next step is the background check where, among other things, they'll be verifying previous job titles and dates employed.

I noticed on my resume I accidentally stated an end date of 2 months after my actual end date (Mar 2019 vs Jan 2019). In total, I was with the employer for 5 years. How severe a mistake is this? Enough to rescind the offer?

Note: all other information is completely accurate, and all other areas of the background check should come out clean. All references should be highly favorable.

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How severe a mistake is this? Enough to rescind the offer?

Giving or taking 2 months compared to 5 years is few time.

However, I suggest you admit your mistake. Reach out to your company and explain to them about the typo, so they are aware of it in case it's found out.

This will save your chances in case +- 2 months is something "enough to rescind the offer" for them.

  • Exactly. As with many questions on Workplace, the answer is "talk to somebody about it." – O. Jones Aug 16 at 11:02

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