I recently accepted a job offer in software engineering and my salary is reasonable. I have been working for five weeks, until I was offered a job from a top-tier company with 50% higher salary this week. I had applied and interviewed for these jobs at the same time, but the top-tier company took longer to process my application, or they have had too many applicants.

Although the new job offer is paying 50% higher than what I am receiving at the moment, I am still not sure if I should ask for an excuse and resign from my current job to move on to the new job.

I have two concerns about doing this: (1) The current company has spent some money on my laptop and work gear, and I feel bad if I just leave within a short period of time. (2) The current company has really nice people with whom I have really enjoyed working. I feel bad for moving to a new environment due to a traumatic experience in my first job.

I am not sure if my lack of tendency for leaving my current company is logical, or it stems from my "safe workplace anxiety" in my first experience. That is why I decided to post this question here and ask for opinions from people who are in later stages of their career. Is it a good idea to move on or it is too risky?

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  • @JoeStrazzere Having another work environment that has bad colleagues. – Hopeless Employee Aug 17 at 13:48
  • The grass is always greener on the other side of the street. Are you contented and happy where you are? – Ed Heal Aug 17 at 14:05
  • @EdHeal Yes, my current job is really good in terms of the culture and environment. However, the pay of the new job is 50% better. – Hopeless Employee Aug 17 at 14:38

tl-dr answer: We can't tell you what is best for you.

Assessing any job involves a balance of considerations - salary being one, but also working conditions, perks, commute, company reputation, colleagues, role, topic of work, sphere of influence (you may feel like a very small cog in a big machine at a large top-tier company, for example). Everyone has a different way of weighing these up.

Having said that, you're five weeks into a job. Nothing wrong with that, but you need to be confident you are going to be measurably happier by moving. If you aren't, and leave the next company quickly, you will be seen as a job-hopper. You don't sound confident. Beware the trap of considering only headline salary.

  • This is exactly my problem. I have no idea what is it like working in there. Are colleagues nice or it is going to be like my first job. The main reason I am not so confident in the role is that I think the same thing is going to happen. P.S. Some of the things like working conditions, work/life balance, commute are the same in both companies. – Hopeless Employee Aug 17 at 11:41

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