I am currently going through background checks for a company after receiving a verbal offer letter. In my resume, I had grouped my previous experience for a parent company and its whole owned subsidiary as one under the parent company, as I moved from parent company to the subsidiary when it was created.

Although I have mentioned about the subsidiary in the resume, I didn't make a separate entry for it. In the background verification form, I have made separate entries for the two, even though I mentioned in the form that the subsidiary is owned by parent company. I did an internship in the parent company with a month gap between starting the full time and I have put the start date as the start date of internship.

I am anxious now if it can have a negative impact on my background verification. I have all the certificates and relieving letter that confirm my history in case they ask for it.


It sounds like you have tried to represent your situation as best as you can, and you have the documentation to back it up if asked.

I think you're probably overthinking it. There's no clear intent to misrepresent and any background checks will align with what is on your resume.

Take a deep breath and wait to see if you get asked anything further. If you do, then just supply the documentation that confirms your statement.

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    The other argument for aggregating the experience is not looking like a resume is being needlessly padded. This goes both ways -- I'd view this aggregation as a good thing. Sep 1 '19 at 19:29

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