I am doing full time PhD and receive scholarship from university. I want to add that as a work experience. What job title will be appreciate for making resume for industry job?

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    PhD goes under education. Unless I am missing something. – user10399 Sep 18 '19 at 13:17
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    PhD Candidate is pretty standard. – AffableAmbler Sep 18 '19 at 13:18
  • In Germany, where PhD students are often actual employees, you'd list this as "Scientific Employee" or maybe "Junior Researcher". – Roland Sep 18 '19 at 13:46
  • PhDs, although they fall within 'Academia', are not 'School'... They are often paid positions (be that paid by a company/ industry body, or funded through grants). Their main purpose is not to educate the individual (although this undoubtedly is a large incentive for the individual- they WILL learn through doing one), but to contribute new/ previously unresearched material/ information to a particular field/ topic. – Noble-Surfer Sep 18 '19 at 13:50
  • Not sure why this is down voted. Most resources that give advice for going from academia to industry explicitly state that you should list the work done as a PhD as work experience and the PhD (the title/diploma) in your education section. Personally, I would simply use "PhD Student" and add bullet points to describe the position. – kantadou Apr 8 at 9:06

Put PhD Candidate. Contrary to what others suggest here IMHO it is not lying to put it under work experience (where I am from it is considered a job and you get the normal job benefits).

It might depend on the rest of your resume and the exact job you are applying for whether it is better to put it under education or work experience. I have gone both ways in the past (on separate occasions ofcourse)

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  • ^ This is definitely the correct answer - Other suggested titles are misleading. I would argue it's education, but depending on the nature of the PhD and the job you're applying for - OP's approach may be appropriate. – Richard Roberts Sep 18 '19 at 13:51
  • OP’s stands for? – Aadnan Farooq A Sep 18 '19 at 14:46
  • Aadnan -- "OP" means "original poster". "PhD Candidate" is never the correct work experience title. One can be a "research assistant" or "teaching assistant" while working on a PhD, but "PhD Candidate" doesn't indicate the work which was performed. – Julie in Austin Sep 18 '19 at 14:48
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    @JulieinAustin It might be good to make it PhD Candidate in ... but in the end I think a PhD is at least equivalent to a traineeship (a long traineeship). And many people would put that under work experience as well – user180146 Sep 18 '19 at 18:40
  • @user180146 - "training" is still education. If there is work involved, the correct job title (and contrary to what you wrote, the OP asked for a "job title") would be the working role. If someone interns as an electronic lab technician while earning a BSEE, the correct job title is "Electronic Lab Technician" not "BSEE Candidate" or "Intern". A PhD Candidate in some field performing lab research is a "Research Assistant" and the tasks performed are the work.The connection between the PhD and the lab research work is obvious from the dates. – Julie in Austin Sep 21 '19 at 6:41

Your job title needs to reflect the actual work performed. Being a PhD Candidate may be hard work, but your education belongs under the "Education" section of your resume.

Typically a PhD candidate is performing actual research of some form within their chosen field. If you are a research assistant, you use that and you describe the nature of the work you performed, your responsibilities, achievements, and so forth within the normal format for "work experience".

Your status as a PhD candidate goes under education, along with any other graduate or undergraduate degrees you've earned. You may also want to list where you are in the PhD process.

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