To narrow the scope of the question, I will isolate the job to a corporate environment in which the job revolves around the provision of business improvement recommendations and strategic advice to the various clients of the business. It is above an entry-level position but not an executive level job.

I am curious to know broadly what might be the common indicators that users have personally observed when it comes to inevitably losing a job. It's clear to me that there are a plethora of hints or indicators that could allude to the possibility of a termination. However, I'd like to narrow it further to subtle cues that could imply an imminent employment termination.

Theoretical and anecdotal responses are both welcomed.

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    The boss calling you into his office and saying "you're fired" is usually a pretty good one ;) – The Wandering Dev Manager Sep 23 '13 at 9:35
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    Unsure why this was downvoted - I genuinely thought it was a legitimate and serious question. Nonetheless, thank you for all the help. – coeus Sep 23 '13 at 13:47
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Indicators are:

  • When your job assignments get less interesting and less difficult but others are still getting the good projects
  • When your work is not implemented or is completely redone by someone else
  • When you stop getting invited to meetings pertinent to your job
  • When people stop answering your emails in a timely manner (and they used to do so)
  • When conversations stop when you enter a room
  • When you repeatedly get passed around to different work groups never staying anywhere long enough to significantly contribute
  • When you start getting hassled for little things that didn't bother anyone before. Especially easy to prove things like being late.
  • When coworkers avoid you
  • When managers talk to everyone else except you
  • When other people on the same project as you are publically praised and you are not
  • When you get a performance warning and are put on a Performance Improvement plan
  • When you feel uneasy at work for no specific reason that you can identify
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    +1 Thank you for this list and actually validating the seriousness of the question that was posed. – coeus Sep 23 '13 at 13:44

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