My Scrum master keeps on harassing me by trying to find some reason to blame me.

Even though I'm doing really good work , he's doing some kind of wrong image projection to others.

I'm seeing that he wants to corner me and as he's being cornered by Project manager and due to some personal agenda.

I have one more colleague who tries to take advantage of the situation and he tries to say something to blame me for example making small thing to big thing.

They are purposeful defaming and spoiling my reputation.

Both are doing this unprofessional politics in a insidious way.

When they do such things , it affects my peace of my mind and drops my productivity.

Please help me how to do conversation to handle this kind of unscrupulous talks and office politics.

My team has 20 people and just this 2 people are doing like this. If someone else is there, my reputation level will be good.

Please help me.

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  • Have you gone to your Manager (not the scrum master) or HR with these concerns? If they ask for unreasonable things, you can just CC in your project manager with a quick "CC'ing in the project manager to keep them in the loop" – Shadowzee Oct 17 at 6:13
  • @Shadowzee - problem is the other colleague has backbit about me to the project manager and he's kind of project manager's pet and project manager definitely don't have time for this kind of things and please note that the scrum master and other colleague all are contractors including me. I want to play their own game and prove them wrong by means of effective communication and turn their own politics against them. plz remember most of the politics happens during the team Skype call or team meetingwhen everyone is present. this is the only way, – dinesh R Oct 17 at 6:31
  • Please guide me on effective communication to bring down the politics against me.I'm good at work and delivering things on time as far as my work is concerned I'm good at that. – dinesh R Oct 17 at 6:33
  • I can't really give you any advise to manage office politics...however Management/HR are meant to be able to help you address this. They might not be on your side (they won't always back you), but they might be able to give you more appropriate advise. – Shadowzee Oct 17 at 6:48
  • I put the "fake-scrum" tag on this question. Fake scrum is a thing, and may well be more prevalent than real scrum. – O. Jones Oct 18 at 12:33

Talk to HR.

Without knowing the specifics of what they're doing or saying, that is the best advice we can actually give.

If you are a doing the work as assigned, on-time, and without a drop in quality, then there's likely no reason for them to be treating you this way, and HR could get involved in mediation or corrective behavior for the PM and scrum master.

Also, if your direct supervisor is different than the scrum master/PM, then go to them for advice on how to move forward.

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