I worked for less than 6 months as a SD for a company But I left as I could no longer bear the unhealthy work culture as it was affecting my health also. So I took a few days leave (informed) but then it extended to 2-3 days and finally I told them that I will leave. They said OK. After few days they did not provide my salary and said that I was absconding. My question is should I mention this work experience in my resume because the company I am applying for have greater chance of selection if I mention this experience in my resume. What you guys think? Is the pros more than the cons or vice versa.

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  • What is "a few more days" I think the pros and cons are highly dependent on whether your old employers complaint has merit – user180146 Oct 22 at 7:08
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    "But then it extended"? How did "it" extend? To me this sounds like you were absent with notice, then absent without notice, then told your former employer you were no longer coming, which they acknowledged. What else should they do, drag you to the office themselves? You then took this as their confirmation that they are okay with that. Afterwards they refused to pay you for work you did not provide and said you were absconding - so far it sounds like you were. I get leaving a toxic environment, however from what you said their reaction after your absence was not unreasonable to me. – Mär Oct 22 at 7:14
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    @user111101 So you were about 2-3 days gone with notice, then 2-3 days without notice and then you told them you would not be coming anymore. I am guessing this means you did not serve your notice period either. (i am not sure what that is for you) I fear others are right. You were absconding. Even if you had genuine health issues. It sounds like you did not leave in an legitimate way. Leave it out of your resume – user180146 Oct 22 at 7:47
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    in most jurisdictions if you leave without serving your contractual notice period and / or documenting it correctly, you are considered to be absconding, and you can get your pay docked. Again depending on jurisdiction, it can go in your record, so if somebody calls your previous employer for reference, they are allowed to disclose you were terminated for absconding – Juliana Karasawa Souza Oct 22 at 9:40
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    What country/state/province? – Patricia Shanahan Oct 22 at 10:10