I recently graduated in computer science and im looking for a job/specialization in data science.

Currently i work as junior software developer in a software engeneering company (the job is good, but its no my dream); i want develop software/tools for finance/probabilistic use.

Yesterday I got an interview in a bank (via LinkedIn) to a job position as junior risk analist. The job description seems to be what Im looking for, but not sure if I will develop tool for data analysis ou just use tools/programs that are already in the market.

The bank has job openings for data scientist (not junior thou).

Should I ask this in the interview? Does changing field makes sense for my goal? Should I ask for career plans?

Edit: Should I ask something like "Im looking for a career in data science, with this position, can I make my way to that"?

Ps: the bank hr company contacted me about this position saying I would be a good fit

  • John, Use the Joel test for your interview. joelonsoftware.com/2000/08/09/… While point #12 might not be applicable to your situation, the rest should be. Because I don't think you want to get stuck writing macros in Excel that can't easily be audited or tested. No that I'm disparaging Excel, I'm not. Excel and .Net can be solid engineering tools if used properly. My main point is that you should check that you're dealing with people at your level where it comes to software development. – Stephan Branczyk Nov 1 at 7:33

I think there is a very simple answer: Yes

An interview is meant for both parties. You can both ask questions. So aks if you will be making or using the tools, ask what are the career opportunities for you at that company and get a good feeling of your specific tasks.

If this job is a good switch for your carreer I cannot judge.

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