Is it professional to thank a university student for a very well-written homework when correcting the homework? I am thinking of something like writing "very nice" beside of the total mark on the homework paper.

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    Not a thank you, but a "Awesome work" or "Good job" message. – Sandra K Nov 1 at 2:07
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    Is this the right StackExchange site for this? I think it’d be better on one of the education sites, but I’m not sure what field you teach in. – nick012000 Nov 1 at 3:32
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    "Very nice" is not the same as "thank you". Which one do you mean? – fkraiem Nov 1 at 3:33
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    Hi Narek, this doesn't seem to be a question about an interaction in the workplace, which is all we deal with on this site. – Player One Nov 1 at 5:17
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    @fkraiem I just wanted to praise them I think Id go for very nice – narek Bojikian Nov 1 at 8:27

I don't see why it wouldn't be

At least in North America, that is quite a normal thing for a teacher to do. I received many such "thank yous" when I was in school. Not sure where you are located, so it may differ.

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    I am in Germany. I think it is also okay here since I already got a couple in my bachelor. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks :) – narek Bojikian Nov 1 at 1:49

You don't mention the age of your students.

For younger kids, my teacher used to stick coloured stars to our homework, with silver or gold for really good work.

In secondary school, "good work" or similar written on returned homework was the norm.

I never got any praise at university, but I may not have produced any good work :-/

So, yes, that seems fine and will hopefully motivate your students, which can only be a good thing.

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    I received praise at university for well written work. A specific example comes to mind where I sketched a diagram to show the path of a projectile with air resistance and my lecturer commented "Nice diagram!". I think it's normal in all situations (at least in UK) – Bee Nov 1 at 8:57
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    I breezed through school, top of the lcass all the way, lots of gold stars, then got to uni & discovered the student union :-/ – Mawg says reinstate Monica Nov 1 at 10:40
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    don't get me wrong, the rest of the paper was probably garbage, but diagrams are easy to do with a hangover ;) – Bee Nov 1 at 11:10
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    A picture is worth a thousand words - if it's not a Jackson Pollock :-) – Mawg says reinstate Monica Nov 2 at 11:34

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